Update! Fire Hydrant Blast

Hi friends! I have not been updated over the past 3 months. I have been busy busy.

Homeschool ~
My girls all had HUGE finals. We worked for 6 straight weeks just reviewing. It was exhausting. I considered putting them back in school – because that certainly HAS to be easier.


I am not really into the easy road! No way! I will keep on and faithfully finish this race.

ME ~ What’s up with me?
1) I ran my FIRST EVER 1/2 Marathon. My time was so bad, you could say I slowly jogged my first 1/2 marathon. But WHO CARES! I finished! I got my 13.1 sticker baby!
2) I have been cleaning like I am pregnant, but while most everyone I know IS, I am THANKFULLY NOT! 🙂 My children are finally at an age in which we can clean out together. They are taking more responsibility. I have entered a really cool stage in life! 
3) I am writing a BOOK! I have been writing all my life ~ I actually started a block newspaper in the 4th grade. I typed it on our typewriter. My mom copied it at her work (illegally, I am sure). I sold it for $0.10 a copy.
Since then, I have written poems, audit reports (yes, I didn’t make a typo – audit reports), Bible studies, skits (I especially love skits), Truth or Trash and other games, SOAR Bible Study, and other things, BUT I NEVER SAW MYSELF AS AN AUTHOR!
One day, someone said to me, just because you don’t have a published book doesn’t mean you are not an author. 
Wow. That was eye-opening. 
Here I am today with a solid draft of my first book that I am planning to self-publish. Why not? I would love to be able to help other author’s publish their work so I am going through the hard process of trying to figure out HOW so I can share with YOU! 
It’s based on the Dream Wall – I have posted it here many times.  I am super excited! 

My Family ~ 
My little sister, who has blogged here many times, Kathleen moved in with us this year. She has brought about much momentum for the DREAMS God has placed on our family’s heart! We spend a lot of time dreaming together!

Ministry ~ 
I had the honor to lead a group of Sisters through God’s Word this spring. Oh I love the fellowship and community gained through it. Many of us now are participating in a fitness challenge. hmmm…..

Shhh…,I might be a little behind on that!

1) We have launched our ministry website!!!! There are many things that will change (the look, the logo, etc.), but we knew we had to start somewhere!

Check out the site at www.ikanministries.com

2) We have been building tools to help you and your family have a Better Life.
We are just getting started. We have a TEAM of people that are cranking out more tools for YOU. Maybe you know someone that you can share some tools with, please do!

3) You can sign up for our newsletter to be notified of new tools.

4) If you are interested in partnering with us, we would LOVE to hear from you!

5) We are looking for space space space! If you have any contacts, oh – I would love to hear about them.

6) So much more….Let me think ~ I am getting a new blog page. http://www.sheriyates.com
Is won’t be up for a while, but make note of it for future reference.

That’s long enough about us! You can see now that is why I have been absent. 🙂
How can I pray for you? I want to know what God doing in your life?


One thought on “Update! Fire Hydrant Blast

  1. You've been up to a lot! I like the new blog look.
    I have had an insane few months. Up and down, up and down, up and down…you know how it goes:) But I'm hanging in there.


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