Naked Revelation

Naked Revelation
by Carmel Litz (Guest Blogger

My friend, Carmel, wrote this beautiful analogy after wrestling for weeks on end with this subject.  

We expect works from those we love, while God Himself offers grace completely without any need to perform for His affections. 

The author of this prays that this will help you give grace more freely.

Option A: Works-based relationship

You should pursue me more.  

Our friendship feels distant because you’ve allowed other things to become your priorities and they are taking up all our time.  Because we aren’t spending private time alone together, our relationship is becoming strained.  So let’s have some quiet time so we can get those close feelings back.  

I understand, love means work and it’s hard to stay focused.  I know you want to; you’re just busy, distracted, and a bit undercommitted to me, but you can change that by answering my invitation and keeping your guard up against distractions.  You’ll feel a lot closer to me after you work a little harder.  

I believe in you and know you can do better.

Option B: Grace-based relationship

No matter how busy you are or how much you do or don’t notice me, I love you with all that I am.
I long to be with you and show you my love, my beauty and my dreams for you and for us together.  

You’re always in my heart and on my mind.   

I’m so hungry for times of intimacy to laugh, love and be close to you. I chose you and I still choose you!  

I have given myself fully to you and that will NEVER change. 

I’m never going to reject you when you come to me, so don’t delay.  

Let nothing come between you and my great love, because I am for you!  

Even when you think I’m judging you or you feel unworthy, it’s a lie.  I only want to be with you!   

You can’t shock me, no matter how you feel or what you’ve done because I know your weaknesses and have already forgiven your every mistake.  

I’m never surprised when you let me down, since I accept you as a work in progress-a masterpiece in the making!  

So please don’t ever let a false sense of failure diminish this gift of my unconditional love for you.  

I accept you just as you are and look forward to eternity with you and the delight of seeing you enjoy me and my love for you more and more!  

This deep love and oneness is your right as my Beloved and I offer myself to you unreservedly.  

Come and see! 

Do you see God offering you this type of grace? Will you be able to offer it to others? 

One thought on “Naked Revelation

  1. Thanks for posting, Sweet Friend. It's a bit weird to see my private ponderings so public! Hopefully, someone has a revelation. Love you LOTS!!! ~Carm


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