Sing Your Way into the Truth

Some people think that because you refuse to live in and out of your trials that you may not believe that, as a Christ follower, you will face trials and suffering, but this is just not true.
It’s just a different view that while in the middle of trials and suffering, your mind and heart continue to focus on God. You don’t surrender to the desire to drop your head and pity yourself. SURE! Sometimes, you feel like it, but you choose to RISE above your feelings because you know your God is so worthy of you choosing to believe His truth more than your heart feels. He is unmoved by our circumstances. They are mere trials to Him. He is steady and able in ALL things, not just some things. He is our Rock, our Provider, our All in ALL – There is nothing we lack in Him even when we feel LACK! We lack no good thing in Jesus!
The reason I love “He Satisfies my Soul” by Laura Hackett so much is because of this line:
Sometimes, you gotta sing your way into the Truth!
Think about that! It’s easy to receive and embrace your trials and suffering, but when you really think about it, you are making it about you – you are still glorifying yourself. But, when you glorify God, He gets it ALL. He is magnified. He is the ONE who is worthy of everything – our attention – our songs – our joy – our everything.
Sometimes – it’s hard – so so so hard, but we have to choose to – sing our way into the truth!
Reach for Truth – Make it your mantle. Make your afflictions last on the list compared to the awesomeness and glory of our God!
Romans 3:4 – Let God be true and every man a liar….including yourself!!
Sometimes…you gotta sing your way into the Truth! Sing it!
Check it – starts about 8:13

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