I Would Do It All Over Again

“I do….again.”
Would you do it all over again…Marry the person that you have spent the last 20 years with?
I recently attended a beautiful, touching vow renewal ceremony. They shared their family vision, how God had taken them from the beginning of their dreams to the fulfillment beyond anything they could ask or imagine!
The Hill’s
Their vows were short and sweet, but deep: “I vow to love you as I love myself.”
What a selfless statement.
How often in my marriage do I put myself before my husband or expect him to put himself behind me.
Oh the conviction….
I am like an old car always needed a little tune up. Why? When will I grow up?
Oh they didn’t leave it there…no. They shared the generational love that the parents had been poured into the husband. He read from a journal his dad had kept for his son. It was a beautiful generational baton pass from father to son.
I am pretty sure there was dust in the room because my eyes were so watery. J
I just wanted to go home and bawl like a baby in my pillow.
You know the word, “obey” in old fashioned marriage vows?
At this vow renewal, I realized the ignorant and arrogance in my decision to delete those words out of my vows.
When we allow our men to lead like God, as God created them, they flourish into a true leader because they understand the weight of their responsibility. But when we refuse to surrender, they never really take the reigns, leaving us with more responsibility than God intended us to have. It’s a heavy weight to carry the load of leading your family.
But, when you surrender the leadership, you are able to rest under his shelter. If he makes a mistake, he is responsible to God.  You aren’t. What a beautiful to rest.
See what happens in the word when the wife takes the reigns:

Would you vow “I do” again?

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