Legacy of Grandma

One year ago 8/15 this world lost a woman of God who not only raised 11 kids (5 hers and 6 step), but raised 11 others and poured her life into many more! That doesn’t even include her impact on me! Her life always reflected God’s love. She was a fully devoted follower of Christ and her fruit proved it. Her life wasn’t always easy, but she looked to God’s promises rather than her circumstances. 

My grandma Bonnie…Oh help- where do I start? What would I have done without her?? Before I could speak, I know she taught me to pray. She taught me how important it was to go to church. I always knew that God was real. I knew Who he was and that I was called to be His child at a young age. It just took me SUCH a long time to finally figure out what that meant! 

She was my safe haven. I knew peace when I was in her presence. She was fun, funny, and serious about living her life for God’s glory. 

I miss her laugh, yodeling, funny stories, potato salad, having a place to always land when I needed someone, old-fashioned home remedies, her advice, encouragement, boldness, talking about Jesus together, her rebuke :), family Christmases, and so much more. 

But I know she is enjoying a wonderful life now that someday I will have the privilege to join her! The loss of her (and my mom) can only be filled when we are together again. We weren’t created for this separation. That’s why it hurts so much.  

Are you missing a loved one today? I would love to pray for  you. 

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