Food is Fuel not Fun

Next thursday marks 3 months of the beginning of a decision to take back my health! I am sharing parts of my journey here, but silent on many areas. This battle is in between my ears! It is not easy! I cannot believe how conditioned I was to eat what I wanted WHEN I wanted it! I can’t believe how blind I was to my sugar addiction! WOW! My eyes are wide open. Although, I am not giving up everything forever, I am renewing my mind in ALL things – especially in how I view food! Food is fuel.

I cannot believe how many – almost every social event is CENTERED around food! Because I am strictly following a food plan and do not care to have temptations at my fingertips, I am not going in on many social (food) functions.

This decision has brought on a lot of criticism. But if I were an alcoholic, would you offer me a drink and tell me I am being legalistic to not partake in one drink? No. I am a recovering sugar-a-holic! Freedom is mine baby! With a clear mind, I am free!

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