Healthy Eating Attitude

I have been mentally complaining way too long about the foods I’m missing out on. We are on an extended trip. Prepping my meals took FOREVER! Having separate food from the family is not fun. Social conversations are centered around meals – meals that I can’t eat or even at times that I cannot join them with my own dish. Cookies are in my room! Rice Krispy treats. You know I love those! 

At 7pm tonight, as I ate my salad alone, I realized that it’s not bondage to fight for my health! It’s not a prison to be excluded from the grazing of sugary snacks!

No. It’s a privilege!

I GET to be free of addiction. I GET to eat healthy. I have an appetite AND FOR THAT I AM SO GRATEFUL! I GET to be free of sugar that enslaved me in the past! I have the strength to control my choices instead of being controlled by my temptations. I GET to prepare in advance. Because where there is no vision, people perish! I HAVE the DESIRE to plan rather than eat on impulse. I GET to control my urges instead of them controlling me!

Now Sheri, stop being a winey, complaining adult brat. Buckle up your boot straps and be thankful for ALL that you have the privilege to do!

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