Out of Control – Taking Back My Health

At some point you just have to STOP IT! 
Stop whining.
Stop complaining about how you look. 
Stop hiding from every family photo. 
Stop buying a larger size of clothes
Stop eating the snacks in your closet. 
Stop buying the junk just because you can. 
Stop flying by the seat of your pants and ending up out without any healthy snacks!
Stop making excuses. 
Stop being lazy! 
Stop allowing yourself to be controlled by every single desire of your appetite! 

This was me! 

I had to 

I was out of control!

Addicted to sugar and I couldn’t stop!

I am a glutton!


Anything you think is a sin, but you do it anyway, it’s a sin! Period. 

If anyone, then, knows the good they ought to do and doesn’t do it, it is sin for them. James 4:17

I knew that my behavior was gluttony. I knew it was wrong because I had the conviction in my heart and it beat to the sound of “take back your health.”

I led worship in our prayer room one morning and God gave me a prophetic song and asked me, 
“will you be the one to take possession of my promises.”

I said test God, but I still didn’t have it in me! I just couldn’t break these POWERFUL sugar and Mexican Coke addictions! I just couldn’t do it! It was awful – the battle. The battle in my mind from condemnation to pure pleasure when I placed my lips on the coke bottle and at the first drink – it had me at hello! Seriously! I was stuck

Stuck in sin. 

I am the girl who helps people break-free from ruts and a dreamless life, yet in this one area, I couldn’t break free. So I thought – if I was counseling someone else, what would I tell them to do? I would say – if you can’t do it on your own (But you know I think you can with Jesus – those of you who know me – KNOW this is what I would say!), then get some help! 

I found someone stronger than me in this area. I found a 28 year old bulldog that is fierce in her field. I decided to hire her to COACH me and train me! She helped me see my physical future – which I RARELY look at because I keep my eyes in the spiritual realm mostly. But I NEED a body to be able to continue the spiritual journey! Her eyes are on the physical and I needed someone to help me see where my TENT was going! 

It was not good. I knew this already because God had told me and I was simply not following Him. 


So hard to admit, but it’s true. 

God gave me the Word that I needed for this journey – I am your Shepherd, you shall not want! I quoted it to myself off and on (mostly at the end of a failed day when I vowed to myself that the next day would be better!) for a year. After 9 months, I made a decision that I was taking back my physical health in Jesus name! The end! He’s Worthy of me having NO other idols than HIM!

Is it easy?


It is TIME consuming! It is hard! I have to put myself first! I have to rest, have a plan, prepare food, and make time to MOVE my body! I have to pray – WAR against temptations that are EVERY place my eyes look and all around! 

Oh my goodness!!!!!  So hard. I had to give up many things to put myself first. I am going to break down my journey and share it with you on Thursdays! 

Taking Back My Health Thursdays! 

I hope you will pray about your temple, any addictions that may be blinding you, or any idol that you have yet to lay down. Ask God if there’s something you need to do. No condemnation here! Only support and love! I believe God is our guide – Fe is faithful to guide me and He is faithful to guide you! 


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