Before Pic Transformation Wake-Up Call

FOUR months people…

4 months ago I started a 6 month transformation. Other than about 5 bites and 3 cheat meals, I have not cheated on this plan. Big changes are happening…of which, I may publicly humiliate myself and share them in 2 or 3 months…We will see.  

I was forced to see my “before” pics in comparison to my 3 month anniversary pics. Yikes!

I use to look at pics and think – I do not look that big, do I? It’s just the lighting. It’s just the bla bla bla. 

I remember catching a glance at my shadow while walking with friends or running with my running buddy (Melissa). I would think, “Aren’t we the same size? Surely that shadow is just at the wrong angle.”

Well yesterday, I caught a glimpse of my shadow for the first time since this transformation began. It was good. I was proud to claim that shadow as mine – for the first time…in 20 years. That’s the way it should’ve looked for all along – according to my inner pictures of myself.

My before pics revealed a true picture of the slow way I was growing large and larger. It was a slow change. One pound at a time. The pounds flew on from a series of bad choices that didn’t seem to add up – I could not see the true damage. Until….. 

I viewed my before pictures! When I looked at the final package of what I had done to myself by having virtually no self-control, I was shocked. Why didn’t someone help, tell me, stop me, push me to the gym?  

That woman, what I see now, was lazy and didn’t care for her body. A woman who was muscleless, fluffy, and honestly, embarrassed by all my flaws.

I wore jackets to cover up imperfections – or so I thought I was doing a good job of masking my sins.

I wasn’t fooling anyone but myself. 

No more. I continue marching forward with the armor of God’s word wrapped around me! 

Do you use your clothes to hide your body? What are you going to do about it?


2 thoughts on “Before Pic Transformation Wake-Up Call

  1. The magnitude of the wisdom of the Holy Spirit in you is unmeasurable. Your willingness to receive this wisdom from the Lord and apply His love to your life for good is inspiring! I love you so much. T


  2. T, you are the most amazing hubs in the world. The way you put me on your shoulders, encourage me, and push me to follow God's desires in my heart is unmatched! You're the best. Thank you. I love you, s


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