Sometimes My View of God is Just Messed Up

As I drove from my home, leaving my children home alone, I was praying Psalm 91 and angels over them. As I was praying, I realized that God loves my children more than I do.
Why is it that it’s so easy to assume that He loves them less than I do? Why is it that we, actually, in our arrogance think that we love our children more than God does?
I think it’s our skewed view that God wants us all to suffer; that he is a constantly punishing God who is trying to find new ways to discipline us or beat us into submission; that his heart isn’t actually for us.
Where do we come up with this view? It’s crap! 
What happened to make us think that God is not actually for us? 
When were we hurt or slain so much that we began to blame everything evil on God?
There is no evil in God. He is truly good all the time. In James 1:17, it says, “Every good and perfect gift is from above.”
When did we start labeling death, destruction, beating, horrible, and evil things as good? What happened to us in our culture that began to skew the minds of not only the world, but of Christians who somewhere along the way lost sight that God is the author of GOOD? 
When did we start labeling evil as good and then saying that’s God?
It’s not okay. It’s not who He is. Truly, our view of God, every single time will determine our attitude and response when we are in a battle for our lives. 
Every single time we’re in a battle, if we think God is against us, then we may actually be submitting to the evil one rather than submitting to God and resisting the evil one.

The further I drive away from my home remembering how good God is, my heart is filled with peace because I know that He loves them more than I do. 

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