The Struggle is Real – Transformation Thursday

The struggle is real. I have been a sugar glutton. I was addicted to Meixcan coke – in fact, I will not drink it on a cheat because it’s that addicting to me. I am like the Mouse who you give a cookie (book). If I started the day with a coffee, then I wanted a biscuit, then a coke, then a snickers (almond of course), then chips – it was like a run away train. Every night I would go to bed pledging that tomorrow was a new day and I WOULD do better….until I needed coffee to survive the day THEN BOOM I was drowning in sugar highs and lows all day long.
I was really scared of giving up those things. I still have nightmares that I binge on all my favorite things. I confess that I have a food lust problem. My cheat meals are gluttoness – which is a HUGE sign to me that there is still an inward problem I MUST resolve. I am confident that if I cheated one bite, I would be in trouble. 
Water – I don’t love water – unless it’s Essentia Brand and it’s too expensive to drink. 
Meal prep – I LOVE. I never had a plan before. I had the desire, but I allowed each day to dictate my meals rather than my plan dictating my meals. I am a GEEKY CPA – so I love having a plan. 
The last time I was “fit’ish” (not fit like I am now), my mom was VERY sick and my 3rd child was born. Everything spiraled out of control for 31 months. That’s when I lost my mom. I never quit took possession of my physical health after that! Spiritual health – I had never thrived more. That’s why I KNEW I had to change. Daily I was gently convicted that my choices were not life-giving. 
I needed Bailey (my coach) – desperately! I needed a coach. I needed someone that wouldn’t let excuses be my crutch. It’s ironic because I coach people every day, but I couldn’t coach myself out of this mess! 
Exercise is kicking my butt. I feel weak and exhausted most everyday. I need more sleep than ever to recover. In my 20’s, I could have kicked this easily – I use to do hour-long abs classes and be fit-manic (as a semi-professional cheerleader). Not now, I feel like I am hauling the mother load behind my butt every day. My muscles feel like they have a voice and are crying out – I am dying here – help me. 
But – our bodies shouldn’t be our boss. We are the boss of our bodies. Get up. Keep moving. I speak daily to my body and command it to get in line! Some days are harder than others, but eventually it does listen to me. J I hate sleeping through my fasting cardio workout. The struggle to complete my workout when I do that is just painful… a mental battle that is awful. I do not like working out of home. So many interruptions and just not as driven. 
My vision is too big for excuses and lack of planning.

Many of us don’t have enough life left to mess around! Let’s get after it! 

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