My dad left our family when I was three years old. He left me. I now have a three year old and she is the most adorable little girl. What an adorable age. I love three year olds. I look into her eyes and at the deepest part of my heart, I think how could my dad have left me at three years old? I bet you have probably felt rejected or abandoned by a parent, a friend, or a family member. Maybe by your boss, or maybe you were fired.
Psalms 27:10, “Lord will take me up and adopt me as his child.” He never abandons you, he never rejects you. It was so hard for me to receive this truth that I was adopted by God; that I had been transferred from my family that had rejected me and abandoned me into God’s family where I would never be left or abandoned or rejected.
I had to allow God to change my mind, to reprogram it, to renew it, to renovate it. He changed my mind. The ways that I had thought in the past I believed, I began to believe God’s word more.
Romans 10:17 says, “Faith comes by hearing.” And as I hear his word, I know that I am his adopted child and I receive.

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