Be Present – Transformation

This last week was incredibly hard. I’ve been trying to figure out why. It’s because I now KNOW the next step is on my journey. I know what the next week holds for me. I know what the next three months look like. Up until now, I haven’t known. I’ve just done the next thing as Bailey tells me where to go or what to eat. I follow the plan.
But suddenly, now at six months, I know what I get to eat on vacation. I know how I’m going to eat when I return from vacation. And I know how I am going to transition back to real life. So in my final week of transition, or my transformation, I began to allow my mind to think about what was coming. Because my mind is now thinking about a future cheat meal, it made it more difficult every single day to resist cheating. Your body cannot take you some place that your mind has not already gone.
The truth is you’re better off not knowing what is coming and just be fully present in what Bailey has asked you to do today. That way, you can maintain your focus. You only have to maintain your focus for this day. Not tomorrow. You don’t have to think about tomorrow. Just get through this meal and then the next meal. When you feel hungry, just imagine all of that fat burning off of your body and just start doing a praise dance. Hunger tells you that your metabolism is working for you and not against you any longer.
So don’t try to think about, “How am I going to get through the next six months? How am I going to get through in the next six weeks? How am I going to get through,” whatever? Don’t let your mind think about it. Only think about how to get through this one meal, this one day.
Be fully present in your transformation. That way, temptations can’t take you out at your knees.

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