Leaders, Here Is the Best Piece of Advice…

We all serve in a leadership role in some capacity. It is good to learn from each other so I love this question that

Lisa Bevere
Recently asked:
For all my sisters who serve in a leadership capacity at their church: what’s your best piece of advice?

Here are just a few of the responses. 

Which one do you need to consider in your life?

Guard your heart, don’t take the bait, and see things from God’s perspective!

To remember you don’t serve anyone but Jesus, everything you do in the body of Christ is because of your love for Jesus. And you can only give what has been poured into you. Also remembering you to are a work in progress.

Stay humble. Keep your eyes on JESUS!!! And don’t allow offenses to creep in!!!
Don’t lose intimacy with Christ, , personal prayer and devotion time, don’t work for God, work with Him. Love and have grace and mercy on people!
Know the difference between being ‘led’ and feeling obligated or driven. You’re only empowered to do what God leads you to do! The rest is a waste of energy.
Preach what you practice! Integrity is huge!!
Do it for JESUS alone; don’t seek “rewards” “praise” and “recognition” *let it be a bonus when these happens. Do it for JESUS Who Loves Purely not based of our perfomances.
A good leader is first a good follower
Faith and forgive.
Fix your eyes on Jesus. He is our source.
I’ve been so busy having babies I have not been in a position of leadership in over a year now but here’s what I would say. Ask God to help you see those who he brings you into contact with the way He does. Through eyes of love and as one who’s sins have been covered. And for those who are only seeking even more so through eyes of love and compassion.
remain teachable at all times, especially when in a leadership role…
Help those you are leading to make them experience the love of Jesus.
Have vision backed up by the word of God, commitment, passionate, and to be mindful who you’re serving for.
First Always have quiet time with the Lord…. like being in an upper room with Him. His presence is the answer for everything…. the second thing is to never compare yourself to anyone else and don’t worry about what everyone thinks. What God thinks is what is important 🙂
It’s wonderful to be organized and use your administrative gift,  but sometimes the Holy Spirit needs to fully take over and it may look messy,  but in the end God is glorified! Trust Him in all things.
Remember you’re serving from the heart not for accolades and your service makes a difference in others lives.
Know that God is faithful.
Always stay humble and let Jesus guide your steps
shun offense…don’t pick it up, don’t hear it, don’t even look at it.
Honor the grace that God has given you for THIS season. Often times, we, myself included, get so caught up in the vision and the future without honoring the present.
These few days I m learning from the life of queen Esther. How humble she was trusting God only . Same learning from a great women of God of morden time like you and Joyes Meyer . And when we think of other  women to serve and open our mouth the words of wisdom from GOD should flow. We are the builder women of God. A women of destiny.
Love!!! And walk in humility and serve like Jesus
Be authentic, be yourself and love God and His Word.
1) Lead by example…no one will or should follow if we cannot be led. 2) So, be teachable.  3) Mostly be patient… 4) When things go “wrong” pray, get God’s strategy and opinion BEFORE you take any action.  
Generally I’ve found that Given time God resolves the issue with little or nothing required from me.  
Leadership is not for the faint of heart… Finally 5) stay connected to and with God.  You will not always be liked, you will get offended… But God will see you through it all. I would further say (to a new leader especially) what a leader told me… Start making every decision as if you are already in the position you are hoping to get to…. That way you will develop the character to manage it with grace and love.
Remember to allow time for yourself and God to hang out. Allow space for rest and fun.
Take time to listen to your people.  Know their hearts.
Do not neglect your own personal time with God. Your first priority is your husband and children.  If it fails there, you have no testimony.


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