Dreams Revived through Our Kids

God is faithful to finish what he starts. 
I had some big dreams as a little girl, but we didn’t have the money to pursue them. We were poor. 
Music and singing…
My parents did buy me a piano, but lessons were out of the question. I taught myself to play, found & friends to teach me what they knew. I copied music and worked my fingers to the bone learning every song I loved! I joined the band and played the bells and the drums. I used the skills there to play my piano at home. I always loved to play and sing! 
I carried my tape recorder outside daily to dance until I was flat out exhausted. I made up dances and taught them to my neighbor friends. I danced a the time! 
Every paper when I was asked “what do you want to be when you grow up?” I would reply: 
Singer and Dancer. 
I tried out for the Palm team and I was in high school and made a complete fool of myself. It was brutal. So I became labeled as a crappy dancer. I gave up on that dream.
I saying nonstop. My stepdad would tell me how horrible I sounded when they were home I couldn’t play the piano or sing. So I labeled myself as unqualified to sing or play.
Later when I was 18 some friends of mine talked me into trying out for a semi professional palm team. I went for the fun of it but at the end of the first day I loved it and realize that I wanted to just try. 
I made the team and was paid to dance for five years.
Don’t miss the miracle in this!
About seven years ago I took piano lessons from a friend of mine who is a local recording artist and wonderful musician, Marcy Priest.
Three years ago we started a little worship and prayer room out of the vision God has given my has been. Because I had taken piano and learn how to play worship songs I was able to sing and lead worship in our prayer house as a backup person when we were in a pinch. My girls began singing and playing their instruments about 4 -5 years ago so they were able to fill-in or sit in with me when we would lead worship together.
Today they lead worship and seeing in our prayer house in anywhere there asked. It blesses my heart so much to watch them and see them and that is where this video that is attached begins. I just share a little bit of my heart and how God is faithful to fill the dreams of our heart if not through us there are children.
Maybe you have a dream that God is yet to fill in your own life. I don’t know what it is. God does. His timing is perfect. It’s amazing to even see your own dreams come to pass for your kids. It’s delightful. 
Maybe your dream is to write, preach, adopt, play baseball (professional), I believe in God who gives us the desires of our heart! 

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