Our Skewed Views about GOD

Amazing Grace, how sweet the sound,
That saved a wretch like me.
I once was lost but now am found,
Was blind, but now I see.
Beautiful song, super long lived.

As I catch myself singing it this morning, I’m thinking the amazing grace isn’t that we were saved from hell. It isn’t that we’re lost and now we’re found and we have a new destination. Amazing grace is that God loved us so much that he provided a sacrifice for us while we were awful. That is amazing grace. Amazing grace is he loved us so much that he provided a way that we could have a relationship with him. Not so that he could torture us and we could be his disciplined children that he beats into submission. He didn’t want an army. He wanted children. He wanted a family. It’s what he wanted.
It is just breaking my heart this morning to think about our skewed view of God—that he’s the big boogeyman in the sky with his club ready to club you when you mess up.
God is not like man. No matter what you think, he’s not like that. He doesn’t even remember our sins. They’re completely washed away. When he looks at us, he sees righteous.
It’s like looking at your child. Even when they mess up and their hand’s in the cookie jar when you told them not to get a cookie—he looks over there and he sees like, a perfectly behaved child. It’s crazy how much he lavishes his love on you and me. It’s crazy how much he’s in love with us, how much he adores us and wants to spend time with us. I think God is more like a grandparent. You know, he’s delighted to have you. He’s not in the child rearing years. He is loving, frolicking, relishing his love, lavishing—it’s an outpouring of love that he has for you and I.
It’s such a shame that we think that he doesn’t actually love us enough to tell us the things to come or to keep us from being hurt.
This morning, I just repent of my own skewed view of God. I just hope you’ll join me this morning and ask the Father to give us the spirit of wisdom and revelation to know him better.
I want to know you, God, more deeply and more intimately. Will you just open the eyes of my heart where hardness has covered up the ability to know you? Whatever callouses on my heart would you just remove it so I could know you, God? Will you just reveal yourself to me today? In Jesus name.

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