One Thing Keeping You Down

I’ve got LeCrae in my CD player. He is a rap artist. He knows who he is. Everyone wants to be like him. But he is an original—an original creation. He’s not tame. He’s got his name. He knows it from the beginning of time. His fingerprints are like a birthmark that no one can imitate. He’s the real thing.
It made me think about how fun it is to sit here and try to rap. I mean, I’m forty something years old and I’m sitting here trying to make up a rap song like LeCrae. I just had this thought pop in my head—maybe I was supposed to be a famous rap artist too. I’ve been rapping since the 80s – for fun. And…I’m really horrible at it—but horrible in comparison to whose standards?
Some of us have had such a lack of confidence for so many years that we never really reach our true potential; because the fear of man or the fear of failure. 

The one word that can hold you back from all that God has designed for you—fear. Fear of what? Fear of losing? It’s interesting. When you have nothing, you’re afraid of losing nothing, instead of willing to risk it all because you realize you have nothing.

I just wonder how has my lack of confidence over the years has held me down rather than catapulted me to where was originally designed to be. I wonder that—for you, is there something else you’re supposed to be doing but—maybe the fear of paying your bills or being able to provide for your family has kept you from moving forward. It’s got you on lock down. I just wonder.
I believe today, God wants to release us from that FEAR. He’s calling you and I to step out – Bigger than we ever have. How do you need to trust God and throw down every chain that’s been keeping you down?!
Father, I just ask you to release me from anything that is holding me back from fully engaging with the confidence that I can come before your throne with anything; that you’re for me—and when you’re for me, no one can be against me. Set us free, God. Set me free Lord. in Jesus name.

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