Are You Immature?

If the only way you’re pulled out of a bad mood is from other people saying nice things about you and pouring in loads of encouragement and praise, then you are not mature in Christ. The truth is that leaders and the ones who are mature in Christ can pull themselves out of the pit. The world will come against them and they can be knocked down, and it doesn’t matter if no one has anything nice to say. They stand in the promises of God. They stand there, and they go back and remember what God has done. They find something to be thankful for, and they pull themselves out because God is worthy and He is good.

That is how you go from being an infant in the faith to someone who’s on meat and a leader, someone who is stable and has longevity and loyalty. Those people can pull themselves out of the pit. They can turn around an entire army like David did in 1 Samuel 30. He turned around an entire army that was against him. They went with him to take back what was taken from those men.   

We need to learn to encourage ourselves in the Lord. Before anyone even has the chance to speak any truth into us, we should be encouraging ourselves in the Lord and speaking of those things that God has already done and remembering who He is. We should be seeing others through His eyes and not through our critical spirits and critical eyes. We should be seeing others as God sees them, and that should have us always returning everything in a positive light and encouraging voice. There should always be forgiveness from those who encourage others and themselves in the Lord. They should always be forgiving and forgetting, not remembering and keeping a record of wrongs, because they are just so encouraged and built up.

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