Do you give justice to your health?

With my feeding schedule, I literally have to eat every two and a half hours. I’m so busy trying to get my food prepared, run the kids around, warm up my food, and then eat my food, and take my vitamins, and take my water. It makes me want to take a nap so bad. I just have no time because like, “Oh, I only have 20 minutes until the next time I need to eat.” 
It’s interesting because it reminded me of when I had newborns. I would pump, and then make a bottle, and feed them the bottle, and then clean up the baby, and then put the baby down. I want to take a nap but I literally felt like it was time to start the cycle all over again.
That is exactly how it is when you are trying to take back your health. You have squandered your time and squandered your health for so long that it requires a lot of concentration and a lot of focus to take it back and create new habits. It’s okay if it takes a lot of time and it feels like you have a newborn and you can’t squeeze in a nap and you don’t have time to do the selfish things that you once did. You’ve got to make some sacrifices to really put your health first so that new habits and new thought processes can be formed in your brain; because literally if you don’t take the time to do that, then it won’t stick. It won’t stay.

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