To the heart that feels too scarred thinking about hardship

Tonight, I was rubbing the back of one of my daughters. She hasn’t been feeling very well. I just started to think, there will be a day when she has to go through a battle for health or for life or for sadness or something negative that I won’t be there. I just started to weep and think like—
My prayers today are eternal forever. Am I praying enough? Am I training these girls up well so they would be able to stand their hardship and pain when I’m not there to guide them and direct them?
I just wanna do right by the gifts that God has given me. I wanna train up their hearts in the way they should go; give them a solid foundation in who God is and who they are. Teach them not to define themselves by worldly standards or comparison—even comparison within the church. Teach them to not let their own ugly opinion of themselves have any weight in their heart. Romans 3:4 says, “Let God be true and every man a liar.” My heart’s desire is to teach them how to let God’s word reign above how they feel or what they think or what other people say; and to not be defined by what happens to them or anything else.

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