Stop Procrastinating!

My mom went to her forty-year high school reunion in September 2005. A man she went to school with, Roger, reconnected with her there. They both were single in their older age. He told my mom that he had always had a crush on her in high school and that he would like her to considering going out with him when she came back into town.

Later in September, he sent my mom a letter inviting her to dinner. She received the letter when she was in the hospital due to low blood counts resulting from chemotherapy. Roger didn’t know my mom’s condition. None of us really knew.

My mom passed away in February of the next year. Roger never got to go to dinner with my mom.

When I saw him in July 2008, he still had regrets—for being so passive with my mom, for not knowing her condition was so severe, and for her having to go through this battle without him.

How many of us, like Roger, are passive and not pursuing the desires of our heart? Do we continue resting in our comfort zones instead of taking the risks God asks us to take?

Is there…

  • a book you are suppose to write?
  • a dream job you are suppose to pursue?
  • a calling on your life that you have not had the courage to complete?
  • a place you have always wanted to live?
  • an old friend with whom you need to reconcile?
  • a hard talk you need to have?
  • someone you are supposed to invite to church?
  • someone with whom you should share Christ?
  • a mission trip you are suppose to take?

The tendency to delay reminds me of Jonah. God gave him a message, but instead of delivering it, he ran! Eventually, however, Jonah completed his assignment.

I know that I have a list of “putting off … waiting till tomorrow” goals. What about you? What do you keep putting off till tomorrow? Roger just waited around for the next opportunity to meet with my mom. He didn’t know there would never be a next time.
With this in mind, I am getting started today! Will you? There may not be a next time if you continue putting off your heart’s desires.

– Repost from 2008

I have been plowing hard ground for many years now. I cannot believe how far God has brought me and how much He has changed my life and my family’s lives.

Many have walked into and out of our lives. Many have joined hands with us and then let go. Many have believed in us; many have stopped. Many have rejected the hand of fellowship and partnership, and some have built walls around their hearts and distanced themselves.

But I have never stopped believing! I have never ceased to believe God is able to do more than I can ask or imagine! I have not, and will not, draw back. I may only be a David preparing ground for the next generation—knocking down walls and drawing up plans—but regardless of the outcome, I will continue to press forward with my plow!

Never wait on the approval of others. Never wait, and don’t despise small beginnings. Don’t despise the hard work. Don’t be bitter when people leave. Don’t turn to the right or the left!

Instead, keep your eyes forward, trained on Jesus.

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