Pain in the Process Equals Growth

Without the pain in the process, you cannot grow!
When I first started using the Stairmaster, I had to stop twice during a three-minute walk. I remember the first time I completed thirty-nine floors.
You never start where you want to end, but you must start somewhere to end up where you intend to be.

Spiritually, too, you must battle through your weakness to find the enduring strength that God has placed within you.
From reclaiming your health to laying hold of God’s spiritual blessings, don’t be embarrassed by your weakness, but rejoice that you have begun and that weakness will turn into strength upon strength.
It’s the process of fighting through the failure—the winded lungs, the painful sweat—that deepens your character.
Again I say: without the pain in the process, you cannot grow!
So humble yourself to the weak beginnings. And that includes taking back your health one step at a time. Never quit. Realize God’s promises and reclaim the life He has designed for you!

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