How to Get "It"

I raised my hand to receive Christ as a ten-year old little girl. However, I spent the next sixteen years living as if I had never known Christ. To me, God was an insurance policy that kicked in at my death. I never “got it.”

And what was it? A rocksolid relationship with God. I would meet people who seemed to have “it.” Quite frankly, they freaked me out! I tried to be right with God, but I always fell short and would beat myself up. I never had any peace. I continually questioned my salvation. I even walked away from God for a while.

But one day, I opened my Bible—and I loved reading it. I couldn’t believe how much the Old Testament reminded me of my favorite soap opera. As I continued reading God’s word, for up to two hours a day, it started to change me. I didn’t even realize it at first!

I remember my aunt saying on her death bed, “Either way, I win.” What? I thought, “I don’t know God like she does, and I want to!” How was she able to trust God with her everything?

Because she knew Him. She trusted His promises were always going to be good for herwhether she lived or died.

God’s word is vital! It is life or death. Why, you might ask? Because all that this world has to offer you and me is death while truth offers legit freedom in this life! 

I finally resolved to seek God and to know His word the remainder of my days. Please don’t be complacent in your relationship with God or with the way you have always studied His word. See truth with fresh eyes!

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