First Day of School Why Does it Hurt

All these school pictures take my heart from my chest and make my eyes weep. 

How is it that our kids grow up so quickly? 
Why must they leave and go off on their own?
Were we made for this? 

I can’t help but wonder how God originally designed us. 

I ponder the pain of even thinking about my youths driving away to college or departing with their husbands. The very thought makes you feel like your heart is yanked out of your chest and crushed by their car tires. 

You stand behind, weeping, while they press harder on the pedal to drive away. 

They leave filled with joy and anticipation

You are left behind, empty and broken-hearted because your heart just drove away.

Why must it hurt so much?

Does the pain ever subside?

My parents moved us away from my family (whom I loved so so much) when I was only nine or ten years old. Every single time I left from a long visit with them, I wept and wept and wept. 

I hated leaving my tribe. 

It hurt so much to drive away. Thoughts raced through my head: Would they be alive and well on my next visit, or would I find myself attending a funeral unexpectedly?

Were we originally designed to be separated? Were we designed to be so far away from the people we love so much?

I have no idea. I only know I don’t love it. 

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