Stop Building Forts

Building Forts
By Kamran Dudley
July 25, 2015

How many of you have ever built a fort? Yes, a fort made of blankets, pillows, and barstools. Everyone has—no shame!

Without even realizing it, you built that fort for protection—to protect your secrets, your emotions, and your childhood.

In a way, our pillow fort represents our life stories. We tend to shut God out for a while, really questioning if He is there or not. We depend on ourselves when we should be depending on God. The problem with this is that over time, it starts to create a fortress wall between you and God.

If you are familiar with building forts, you know that eventually you have to take them down: your mom comes in and tells you, “It’s time to clean up. Take down your fort.” And we all know that when the mom says something, there is no argument.

Since the mom has control of the situation, she represents God in this scenario. There you are, having fun in your little fort, until mom comes in and tells you to clean up. Likewise, you may be going through life and blocking out God, thinking everything is fine.

Well, one day clean-up time will arrive, and He is going to come and sober you up. This could occur at Judgment Day, at the end of your life, or (if you are lucky) during your life. So be prepared for Him to show up at your doorstep and tell you to take down your fort.

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