A Way Out

Oh, Nelly! I saw these in the store today and almost flipped my lid. The sign of candy corn and pumpkins tells me it’s time for the state fair, cotton candy, caramel apples, fried cheese from the Wisconsin cheese booth, and Mexican soda. Yes! It has been almost a year since I have had any of these things. I haven’t had them on a refeed meal or cheated one time!

How will I endure this season? Oh, it’s going to be tough! BUT … there’s always a way out. Can I get an amen? I will learn to enjoy treats in moderation. When you’re an addict, there is NO moderation! It’s a feast followed by a feast. If there’s one thing I have learned about myself, it’s that I have a problem. It’s a food problem.

If you need tools to find a way out, check out Pastor Craig’s message at LifeChurch.tv: A Way Out.

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