"How to Lose 10 Pounds of Belly Fat"

I see this posted in magazines in the checkout line all the time: “How to Lose 10 Pounds of Belly Fat.” I’ve tried to lose ten pounds of belly fat because unfortunately, that’s where I gain it. I gain it in my belly. My belly becomes huge and I look pregnant all the time.
But I can tell you, after three months of hardcore labor and healthy eating, the belly fat is the very last thing to come off of you. It wants to cling to you like a baby, nursing all day and all night. It’s got a hold of you. It’s not going down in a ten-day fast. It does not shrink; it does not disappear.
Yes, you can lose some bloating, you can lose some water weight, but you’re still going to have belly fat until you work your butt off, doing a million sit-ups and eating healthy every single day, every single meal.
There is no magic formula for getting rid of belly fat. Stop wasting your money by buying the five-dollar magazine to figure out how to get rid of ten pounds of fat; instead, start working hard. Work your booty off—or your belly, as it were. Value yourself enough to do hard work.

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