My Mom

Amy asked me to look for a thank you note her daughter had written to me. She is a deeply thoughtful woman who takes the time to share specifically how she is grateful. I treasured it, so I know I kept it. While looking for it, what I did find was my most treasured earthly possession because my mom is no longer with me.

In 2003, my mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer. After her surgery, she wrote me the most thoughtful note she had EVER given me. I have kept it by my bed ever since.

She passed away February 6, 2006.

Thoughtfulness and thankfulness can almost be interchangeable because to be thankful, you must be thoughtful.

Being thankful is merely thinking deeply about what someone has sacrificed for you, what that person has done for you, and how that person must care about you to be moved to bless you.

Just now, when I found my mom’s note and read it with deep love for her, I found myself on the floor weeping. She loved me more than I sometimes felt. She cherished my family. She still thought of me as her little girl. The tears tumbled quickly to the floor as I read each word over and over again.

To hear her voice again would be the best, but I am so very grateful to have this precious note that I can pull out and remember whenever I choose.

I’m so grateful to God that my mom was thankful enough to take her precious time to send me this note.

Who are you thankful for? Have you thought deeply about someone and that person’s sacrifice for you? I challenge you to do something. Pick up the phone. Send a text. Best yet, mail a letter to someone and thoughtfully thank that person for what he or she has done. Be specific.

Come back to this post and share with us how God moves through your thankful heart.

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