The Word

Most of my life, I remember picking up the Bible to search through it for answers to the trouble in my life.

I would search for the word ‘anger.’ I would find verses on anger, and the message would be something like, “Do not be angry.” Then I would think, “Okay, that did not help me! I am still angry!”

Why didn’t it help me? Because I didn’t really know the author of the words, so they were just words to me.

Later, I was trying to follow the Lord. I was going to church. I was a serving MACHINE! People would say, “If you need something done, ask Sheri. She’s amazing. She can do anything.” Oh, how I loved hearing those words! They made me feel valued. I have always had deep-rooted feelings of rejection and unworthiness, so these comments made me feel important.

One of my serving roles was preparing slides for church services. Before I could type the scriptures, I actually had to open my Bible and find the verses. I began to love reading the words in this book, the Bible. I began reading from the verse I was typing until I would fall asleep—sometimes it would be three hours later!

Before I knew it, I fell in love with reading the Bible and with the author, God.

This was the beginning of my REAL journey. After that everything changed. I changed.

Today I love to read the Word! I might end up reading one scripture or several chapters at a time. I jump around sometimes, and sometimes I don’t. I never like to be stuck on a plan for plan’s sake. 🙂

I am going to blog about things I see in the Word. It will probably be from all over the Bible.

I hope you will pick up the Bible and join me on this eye-opening journey.

Do you read the Bible consistently? If not, will you start?

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