Someone Who Cares for You Without a Reason

My neighbor has been gone for over two weeks. She just got back last night. She called to check on me first thing. She sent me a message this morning and immediately walked over before I had even read it. Next thing I know, I have a kid loaded in her car heading off to piano, and I’m texting her my grocery list and the remainder of our itinerary for the day.

I said, “Wow! You wanted to help, so you just walked over, took action, and took over.” She said she knew I would say we were okay—which we were because my hubs was going to do all the running, but now he can go to work—and she wasn’t going to take no for an answer. 

She knows me. 😳

“Better a neighbor nearby…,” the Word says (Proverbs 27:10 NIV). Maribeth has blessed me since the moment she moved in. After my mom passed away, she came over daily and let me sob on her shoulder day after day.

I have failed at being an awesome neighbor like her and Lori Forrest. God has given me amazing examples and mentors to follow! I am blessed beyond measure. After my kids are grown, I hope to be half the woman these two have been in my life.

So I type this as I’m sitting in my chair, thinking about what movie to watch while icing my neck. The pain is gone. I’m left with swelling and dizziness. Go in JESUS’ name, I declare! The coffee in my hand is a blessing from my man. The food I eat will be purchased by Maribeth and cooked by Spencer. My chauffeur is hubs. House cleaned courtesy of Chandler Kate—the mess by Kk. LOL. 😂👊 She’s also a warrior praying over me! They all are! I’m raising warriors for sure! Confessions in my ears by!

Blessed even when I rest!

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