People Pleaser

How to Please God
Ephesians 1:6
… He [God] made us accepted in the Beloved.
I longed for my mom’s approval. I just wanted her to say, “You are a good mom. I am proud of you. You are more than I ever dreamed you would be.” But for years, she just continued to correct me and give me unsolicited advice: “You wipe her face too hard. Here, let me help you” (meaning, “I can do it better”).

At the end of her life, I realized that I had been striving for what I already had. My mom was proud of me. She told everyone (but me) how pleased with me she was. All of her advice and correction was because of her great love for me, not because she wasn’t pleased.

My mom was pleased with me.

In the same way I longed for my mom’s approval, are you longing for the approval of God? Are you working hard to please God?

You can stop.

He is already pleased with you.

When you know that God is pleased with you—no matter what you do, but just because you have trusted in His Son—it will set you free.

You will begin to rest like never before in the finished work of Christ rather than in your unfinished efforts.

When you know that God is pleased with you, you will begin to serve Him more by accident than you ever did on purpose!

God is pleased with you! Rest in that!

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