When my life turned from living apart from God to living with God, I began serving everyone and everywhere. I ran the slide show at church, sat on the finance committee, painted walls, hosted women’s nights, led a Sunday School class (I was NOT remotely qualified, by the way), and more.

Eventually, I burned out.

I remember asking my mentor, “When is it okay to say no to something I am asked to do?” She told me never. I should always say yes because God is worthy to serve.

I was serving to please God, and I rather enjoyed the attention people gave me for helping them out.

My motive was wrong.

I thought I had to prove to God how much I loved Him.

I didn’t have anything to prove.

I was set free.

Many people serve because they are trying to make friends. They are present. They help you out. They love outrageously. But as soon as they run out of energy because their serving isn’t fueled by the right motivation, they disappear.

They hibernate.

They go off the radar.

It doesn’t matter how important their role was.

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