Suicidal Thoughts

This day I call heaven and earth as witnesses against you that I have set before you life and death, blessings and curses. Now choose life, so that you and your children may live—Deuteronomy 30:19 NIV
Have suicidal thoughts ever crossed your mind?

Maybe you were abused, and you just can’t seem to get past it. Maybe you did something horrible, and you don’t want to face the consequences. Maybe you are miserable and lonely.

I can tell you, from my personal experience, there IS a way out.

I met a girl this year who has really been struggling with her mind in this area. This is exactly what the enemy wants us to do. His goal is to steal, kill, and destroy YOU!

I don’t know about you, but I like to win. This is a challenge to me—that he is not going to prevail, PERIOD! I will not raise the white flag.
Wouldn’t that just be doing to your kids what your parents did to you, in a way? Isn’t it letting the enemy win and leaving your kids open to potential abuse? Would you leave them and not protect them? Is that really what you want to do?

Motherhood is the ultimate sacrifice of laying down your own desires and your selfishness for another. God gave you kids for a purpose. You have an opportunity now to turn it around. You can seize it, or you can continue to let the enemy steal your life and the lives of generations to come. The enemy has no power over you except deception. Deception is in your mind. You are allowing your mind to get out of control like a runaway train. 
I am sorry for your past. I am. It’s truly hard to leave it, but it’s time. The past is just that—the past. Let it go so you can live for today. 
Today, you have a choice. Life or death, blessings or curses. 

Don’t let someone else or your past choose for you.

Stop right now and make a list of 200 things you are thankful for. Start choosing to think on these things and I guarantee you will see that Jesus Christ, the word of God, and a deliberate attitude of thankfulness are far more powerful than any drug or alcohol. God’s truth is permanent, free, and all-powerful. It defeats every enemy! 

You may know God’s word from when you were little, but maybe you don’t understand that the word that was sown in you is a weapon— a mighty weapon! You have to choose to use it. You have everything you need. You already have victory in the Lord. You just need to claim it!

Don’t think about the past. Instead, start dreaming about your future. What could your life look like in ten years? What can you do in your family, starting now? How can you help others like you and change their lives through your life and your testimony?

You need to surrender fully to God’s truth. You have to decide to believe that God’s word is more true than how you feel and what you think. God’s grace and love and wisdom are more than enough to help you cope with what happened to you and the trouble you will have today. His promises are true. He is real, and He is faithful! He loves you.

It’s your choice.  

If you choose life, do these things:

1) Start speaking these truths over yourself. Say them out loud. In the morning, at lunch, at dinner, and before bed.
(Proverbs 18:21)

2) Get a Bible and start reading John and Ephesians. As you read, ask God to open your heart so you will understand. Write down these headings on a piece of paper: Who is God? Who am I? Now, as you read, if anything stands out to you, write it down.

3) Don’t leave the house or do anything until you have written down 100 things you are thankful for. Take this list with you. Keep reading it. Add to it as you go. Don’t leave anything out. The sky this morning was amazing.

4) Ask God to help you know Him better. Pray to Him. Talk with Him. Pour out your heart. He is listening.

5) Get in a church that proclaims God’s truth according to the Bible. Tell someone strong around you that you need encouragement. Give them this list of actions and have them hold you accountable.

6) If you are harboring any bitterness or an unforgiving attitude toward your past, your parents, or anyone or anything else, it’s time to work on letting it go so you can move forward in the freedom God wants you to have. Find something—anything—that you can be thankful for and think about that when bad feelings come up. Don’t give bitterness a foothold any longer—not even an inch!

7) Speak the name of Jesus aloud when fear, doubt, hopelessness, and bitterness try to take hold of you (Mark 11:22-26; Ephesians 1:17-21). Resist the enemy! Resist past thinking. Resist negative thoughts. The only way to do this is with God’s word and being thankful. There is power and authority in the name of Jesus. Darkness must flee!

If you do these things faithfully, your thoughts will change and you will be a new person in 60-90 days. Your life won’t look the same this time next year. Take your life back; don’t give it back. 

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