God Is My Friend

Lord, I have always hungered for something to fill my life.
Why did I forget You but You didn’t forget me?
Why is it that my weakness is Your strength?
Your love consumes me like a fire.
I have tasted the world, and its sweet is bitter compared to Your love.
I have tasted and seen Your goodness.
I was lost, but now I’m found.
How is it that I was caught in Your love?
I was a sinner, and You died for me.
I ran, and You followed.
When I was alone, Your rod and staff comforted me.
I was never alone, God.
You are not a religion.
I have tasted religion, and it is a counterfeit, a bitter taste.
Your grace is what I want.
I will search for Your wisdom like others would for gold because You have made our wisdom foolish.
I’m not a lost child now.
I’m Your child.
I’m Your friend.
I’m in awe of grace from You.
I was weak, but You make me strong.
You have prepared my hands for battle, so I can bend bows of bronze.
I equip the Armor of God.
I am ready for the battles that will be thrown my way because You are with me and never will leave me nor forsake me.

• Authored by Josh Pugh •

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