Share Your Story

Recently, I saw a man named Dave Hinton sing some old-fashioned country worship music. He shared part of his testimony. Thirty-one years ago, he was coming out of Demon’s Den bar, and a young kid shared the gospel with him. On previous occasions, well-meaning Christians had stood outside of the bar and told the people leaving that they were going to hell.
Now, that is not good news.
‘Gospel’ means ‘good news.’
What is the good news? It is the news that Jesus took your place. He paid the price and took the wrath that you deserved. All you have to do is believe that He took your place. Believe He did it. Trust in Him. Rely on Him, and you will be saved.
That’s good news! The debt you owed was paid for you. All you have to do is receive it!
Well, thirty-one years ago, Dave heard that good news and put his faith in God.
Because of that young kid who shared the good news, today Dave writes and sings fun country worship music!
As I was listening to his story, I looked closely at him, and it dawned on me…
This could have been my stepdad. What if someone had shared the good news with my stepdad? Would he be here today?
For the first time in eighteen years, I felt compassion for my stepdad. I felt sorry that no one told him about the grace of God. He never knew the love of God. He never knew the freedom that I know today.
If Dave Hinton, coming out of the Demon’s Den bar, could be saved, so could my stepdad and so could your very lost loved one.
But how?
We need more laborers to share the TRUE GOOD NEWS!

Who are you praying will be saved? Share their first names, and let’s pray for each other’s names. Will you also join with me to pray for more laborers to share the good news?

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