You Are Significant—Feed the Sheep

My grandfather used to sit on his green, long-bed 1972 Chevy pickup out in the 195 acres I grew up on while I worked. It was truly annoying at the time. I would grumble to myself, “Is he going to correct the way Im driving the tractor? Does he think Im not doing it right? Do I not get the corners, grandfather? Did I not mow them and clean them enough?” I would feel frustrated, knowing he was sitting there and evaluating what I was doing.

Looking back later in life, I realized there werent many things I treasured as much as the time out in the fields, knowing my grandfather was right there watching over me. In fact, he never corrected me. He mostly just laughed. He was present. His presence alone made a profound difference in the security in my life. He was feeding a need I didnt know existed. He kept me from being hungry and lonely at a critical time of my life.

For many years, I searched for significance. I wanted to make a difference. Whether I was hanging out with friends or stirring up trouble, I was striving for significance. Would anyone talk about me? Would people view me as somebody? Did people notice me at all?

Some people have seemingly reached the pinnacle of success. In your mind, who is this? Who has reached the level of importance you believe you will never achieve? You may have goals in mind to bring you one step closer to significance.

Do you wonder whom Judas was trying to emulate? I dont believe Judas was truly after money when he turned Jesus over to the Pharisees. My classmates weren’t trying to stop school when they broke in and poured acid all over the windows and floor. It was significance they sought. They wanted to be known. They wanted to be seen.

What you may not understand is how close at hand your significance is right now, right where you are. Like my grandfather, Clifford, you must simply feed the sheep you have been given. Accept this desire for significance. God put His desire in you to influence others. Whether youre a campus pastor at church or a seven-year-old boy or an eighty-year-old Walmart greeter, fulfillment of your desire for significance is at your fingertips.

Jesus instructed, “Feed my sheep” (John 21:15–17 NIV). Whom can you feed with a smile? Whom can you feed with a ride to school? What about simply calling the drive-through kid by name? Who is your sheep?

Become significant and feed your sheep.

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