Meditate on His Word to Grow

My 11-year-old is always processing. She asked, “How is the truth suppressed, Mom?” Now we are all chewing on her questions! 🙂 We invite you to chew on this, too. 
We pulled out the Bible to read Romans 1:18. Go ahead, pull it out and read it now. You’re going to remember it better if you click the link and dig into it yourself. 🙂
We talked about how a tiny bit of sin can begin to suppress the truth in us and then quickly overtake it. It only takes a few small unrighteous choices to blur the lines between what’s okay and what’s not. What people often don’t realize is that a tiny bit of filth can actually drown out the Truth that has been planted in our hearts. If you read on in Romans, you will see that what started out as tiny landed these people in really awful situations.
Have you allowed a little bit of poison into your life? It’s like yeast: a little bit can take over the entire body. 
Now get ready for the amazing part. When you allow sin or wickedness into your life, it only suppresses the truth in your life—the truth that you know. God’s overall, GIANT, big-picture Truth can never be suppressed! We are only limiting ourselves when we submit to anyone or anything other than God.   
We grow when we spend time meditating on the Word of God. How often, how long, and how deeply you are meditating on His Word will determine whether you reap thirty-, sixty-, or a hundredfold. 
What have you allowed a little bit of into your life that you are ready to KICK OUT today?

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