8 Truths to the New You

I was blind. I didn’t realize how trapped I was in a body I didn’t recognize anymore. I still felt small, like a little, young, teen-sized thing. Weight had crept in over the years slowly and surely as I assumed my metabolism was youthful and able to burn the 4k calories of coke, candy, chocolate, popcorn, cheese, chips, and salsa.

Before I knew it, my energy was depleting quickly. I didn’t feel like keeping up with my kids or playing games anymore. I would, but I wasn’t the same.

I was convicted by God that I was not caring for His house, my body. He can only work through me if I’m alive to be used.

I felt like a hypocrite preaching about the freedom I had in every area of my life—except this one. Sure, I ran and worked out, but it was my “payment” for bad eating.

My husband took a pic of a big group of us in the lake at Big Cedar. When I saw it, I was shocked: “Is that me?! No way! Is that what I look like from behind?!”

I was undone.

I had no idea.

I obtained some counsel from friends and looked into programs, went to boot camps, bought a pink drink, tried some wraps, went to some classes. 

1st Truth: I was addicted to sugar. I couldn’t stop the inhaling of crap! 

2nd Truth: I didn’t really know what to do to completely change years of unhealthy habits. Sure, I had revelation from God that a change was required or I would continue to hurt my own body, but when I leaned on my understanding of the Food Pyramid, I was hosed!  

3rd Truth: It’s okay to need help! In fact, it’s humble to lay down your heroic efforts and take the hand of someone who’s gone before you.

4th Truth: It’s not too expensive! It’s actually too cheap! You get what you pay for. If you lay down your money and put it where your mouth is and it actually COSTS you something, you WILL do it! You NEED to pay for this! Sometimes you need a cost that will be wasted if you don’t make the daily hard choices to change your old ways. I could argue that it doesn’t cost enough until it hurts your pocketbook. How much is your strength, energy, and health worth?

5th Truth: You can waste your time looking for another solution, but in one year, you’ll wish you had just called Bailey! I put off this call for over a year. My first consultation with her was free but priceless. My vision was set, and something in me has been set free since that day.

6th Truth: You do not need to be intimidated or afraid. This is a large group of women (and a few men) of all sizes and shapes working to take back their health. They’re the most encouraging, kind, loving friends. No one will look down on you! 

7th Truth: You’ll change, transform, and grow in strength. Even if you’re small, it doesn’t mean you are strong or fit. 

8th Truth: You will have tools to live, to care for and feed your temple. You’ll be armed with weapons against temptations. 

How awesome does that sound?! Need more testimonies? Call me. PM me. Whatever. Start today.


Go to the link and fill out the form. Just do it. Don’t blink. Click the link. 

Although I’ve been injured for three months and have not made outstanding food choices, I’ve been able to get back to two pounds over my goal weight. My muscles need some help, but I have ALL of the tools to kill it. I am all over it because, by golly, I am worth it!

Listen, daughter, and pay careful attention:
Forget your people and your father’s house.
Let the king be enthralled by your beauty;
honor him, for he is your lord.
(Psalm 45:10–11 NIV)
Sheri Y. 

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