Free Bible Study

Want to know God more? 
Want more peace? 
Do you want to SOAR in your life?

When we know God intimately, we SOAR!

To ‘soar’ is to climb swiftly or powerfully.

The power of God is available to enable you to overcome and live in freedom! 

SOARa FREE study consisting of four parts with eight lessons each, is designed to create in you a longing to know our loving God. To know Him is to know the love and the power of the living God that can SOAR far above any mountain in your life. Spiritual growth begins and is maintained through intimate fellowship with the living God through Jesus Christ.

When you know whose you are, who you are, and what you have,
 you will know what to do!

You will learn to seek God and obtain your own revelation from reading and studying the Bible. You will strengthen your ability to walk in the Spirit more than your flesh and then turn all your efforts to pursuing the calling God has for your life through reaching out. 

You will never be the same!

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