5 Lies That Prevent Forward Movement

Five deadly lies that will prevent you from

moving forward,
making progress, and
achieving your calling!
  1. Unworthiness — I have nothing to offer.
  2. Insecurity — What will they think about me?
  3. Unforgiveness — Unforgiveness is a prison.
  4. Guilt — Carrying guilt is a heavy load.
  5. Fear — Fear keeps you in your comfort zone.


“No one would listen to me.”
“I have nothing to offer.”

Sure the enemy wants to keep you here! Do you know what you are doing when you live according to your feelings of unworthiness? You are allowing the enemy to make you useless! The only thing that is true about you is what God says, and He says you are worthy! Is that enough for you to say yes? (See John 15:13.)


“What will they think about me?” 

People come and go. They love you when you perform well and want to give up on you when your performance is poor. It’s all about you, isn’t it? Your reputation is the only thing that matters. Guess what? There is a greater security than other people’s opinions of you. It is the security of being in the hands of God! (See John 10:29.)


Unforgiveness is a prison. As long as you are holding a grudge against yourself or someone else, you will never feel worthy enough to ask God for more than you can ask, think, imagine, dream of, or fantasize! (See Ephesians 3:20.)


Carrying guilt is a heavy load. It is like trying to run in a marathon with a 40-pound weight on your back. Have you ever seen The Biggest Loser? After the contestants have lost 50 to100 pounds, they are required to carry the weight they have lost on their backs. Jesus already carried this for you! Carrying your own guilt is like choosing to carry the lost weight on The Biggest Loser instead of putting it on the luggage truck. Foolish! It holds you back. (See Psalm 38:4 and Matthew 11:30.)


Fear keeps you in your comfort zone. Really, we should fear our comfort zone because it makes us complacent. God can’t accomplish His greater plans through your life if you are stuck in place because these plans are WAY bigger than your comfort zone! (See Exodus 14:13.)

God has a purpose and a plan for you! Today, what will you do to expose lies and stand in the truth?

*There are many lies. Here you find five of them.

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