Stop It!

I have spent a lifetime battling ugly, self-deprecating thoughts. I have taken on wounds and labels from others that have stopped me in my tracks, destroyed my aspirations, and silenced my voice for years!
I worked to obtain the love of people—people who would ditch me at the first sign they saw of my weaknesses. They were judge and jury, assigning my worth.
I allowed this. Many times I even agreed with them because I thought so poorly of myself. Inwardly I knew I was unlovable, worthless to most. Because this is what I believed already, I bought their trash talk. I took their assignments and gave them power over my life. I spent years protecting my heart from people.
Then I had a revelation that I was truly a child of God, made new, and no one could define me but Him. I sought out how God defined me and came to this beautiful description: I am loved. What?!! It was hard for me to receive at first as I spoke His truth over my heart, but eventually I began to believe it, and it changed me. It transformed relationships. It continues to change me daily because God’s Word within me is a river, ever flowing and bringing dead things to life! The King is enthralled with my beauty. Before I ever sinned, God knew me and had a plan for me. I am a masterpiece, and no person on this earth needs to confirm it because it is true regardless of man’s opinion!
Agreeing with God’s heart about who you are is the most humble thing you will ever do. Tearing yourself to shreds is not humility; it’s actually pride. Pride is believing anything above God’s Word. If you trust in your own opinion or someone else’s more than God’s, that’s pride!
Learning my identity rocked my world. It has changed my marriage; it changes my kids daily. It makes me bold and has taught me about true agape love. Love stays. Love doesn’t record wrongs. Love is kind. Love is forgiving. Love is a lifetime of second chances. Love is being like Jesus. Sure, I mess up a lot, but I rise again. I love again. I choose love. It’s not always easy, but it is always a joy to choose love. We are free to love radically!
My new book is Stop It: Stop Striving to Become Who You Already Are. What does this mean? Once you are in Christ, your identity is new. It’s set; it is who you are regardless of your actions. You don’t have to unwind the old you. Just saturate yourself in the new you until the garbage is drowned out!
I priced my book for the first week at a rock-bottom price (as low as I could go, literally).
I would love to give some away! Just post a comment below if you want to be considered. ❤

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