Afraid of Failure

Why are we so afraid of failure?

We learn from failure. 
We gain in strength after we fail. 
The formal definition of failure is: lack of success; an unsuccessful person, enterprise, or thing; or the omission of expected or required action.
The origin of failure came from ‘nonoccurrence,’ which I equate to QUITTING. 
Dont quit. 
Never quit. 
One failure doesnt make YOU a failure.
It doesn’t define you—unless you allow it to do so.
Don’t let LABELS stick to you!

They cannot stick unless you agree with them. Don’t agree with them.
REJECT the labels!
You are larger than your failure!
In fact, you must fail to grow.

You must fail in order to find your limits so you can SOAR past them!
You are successful because you DO NOT QUIT.
You are a fighter!
You are strong!
You are stronger than your appetite!
You are stronger than the temptations!
You might miss a few marks before you figure out that you’ve GOT this.
Its ALREADY in you!
You are just getting the opportunity to pull it out of you!
So what if you fail again?
Just dust yourself off and keep moving forward.
Dont spend any time in the past because it will hold you back.  
If youre NOT FAILING, you’re NOT TRYING. 
Take a look at this chart I found on how much the usage of ‘failure’ has increased over the years.

… for though the righteous fall seven times, they rise again…
(Proverbs 24:16 NIV)

Rise again! 

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