Gluten Issues

My face is a wreck. I have been eating gluten every day for the past week. My face is an explosion of what looks to be pimples, but it’s really like an eczema or rosacea type of explosion. It’s really unbelievable to have such a crazy breakout. You wonder what is happening on the inside of the body if this is what is happening on the outside.

Gluten has become so intolerable in our nation because of the way that it has been genetically morphed. It is now being expressed through my face. That is ridiculous. I have never heard of such craziness, ever. I wonder what other problems we have that are caused by food, especially the genetically modified nature of food, in our country.

If we flipped the switch and turned some foods off and simply avoided them altogether, would we notice changes in our body, our teeth, and our hair? Would we begin to thrive more without them?

Perhaps sometimes we should try giving something up to see how it has been impacting us.

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