Reading the Bible

When I first started my Christian walk, reading the Bible was not important to me. I owned a Bible, but I rarely touched it, let alone opened it. I thought Bibles were owned but not necessarily used.

As I continued on my walk, I realized being a Christian was about having a relationship with Jesus, not about escaping Hell. With this revelation, I actually started reading my Bible. Because I was pursuing a relationship with Jesus, I wanted to know more about Him.

I began to read my Bible; however, I still did not value it. I read it when I had time. I fit it in when convenient. What I should have been doing all along was making it my first priority, not my last. Once I realized this, I began to set a time when I would be completely focused and just read the Bible.

But is just reading it enough? It wasn’t for me. Just reading the Bible did nothing for me. I couldn’t understand any of what I was reading. Nothing stuck with me, and I started wondering if it was worth it.

Then one day I realized I was reading the Bible like I would a novel. I was reading through it quickly, trying to read as much as possible in as little time as possible. I was reading it to be done with it. This caused me to think the Bible was very boring. It wasn’t interesting because I wasn’t taking the time to slow down and figure out what anything actually meant.

Once I was able to figure this out, I realized the Bible wasn’t something I was going to read through and never pick up again. It is the one thing I want to live my life by. I want to know it inside and out.

With this in mind, I began to question and reflect on what I was reading. I began to ask the Holy Spirit about what I was reading. I brought scriptures into my prayers and prayed about them. I began to study scriptures and gain revelation.

Now I can’t imagine not reading my Bible daily! I love it more than any other book I have ever read. Sometimes I can’t put it down!

I pray that each of you would gain revelation every time you read the Word. I pray that the Bible will surpass all other books in your heart and mind. I pray that each of you will start reading your Bible and seek to understand what you are reading. If you do, you will truly be blessed.

Love, Kathleen 🙂

Let God be true, and every man a liar. (Romans 3:4 NIV)

The Bible that is falling apart usually belongs to someone who isn’t. — Vance Havner

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