Scared or Scary Prayers

Pray scary prayers—not scared prayers.
When we say, “Hey, God, can You protect my children, my life, my family, and my home, and protect us when we travel?” those are the prayers we pray because we are scared. They are scared prayers. 
The scary prayers are prayers like, “I want to see ten people raised from the dead in 2016.” Scary prayers are, “I want to see every hospital emptied out in the entire nation because no one is sick. People are healed and whole.”
Lisa Bevere posted about praying scary prayers on her Facebook page. It exploded my mind because I realized when I wrote down, “I want to see ten people raised from the dead,” it is actually something I can imagine. God said He will do more than I can imagine. But I’m not imagining big enough. Ten is nothing to God. He can do exponentially more than that. So, how far am I willing to stretch my imagination?
How massively can you stretch your imagination? That is the question. We need to use our minds to imagine God’s power invading the earth. What will you put your imagination toward?

This is a thirty-day challenge to stop praying scared prayers and start praying scary prayers.

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