Who I Am?

One of my dear friends told me a long time ago that my blog didn’t truly and completely reflect my personality. She and I talked about this. I told her, I am funny in person. I’m fun. I have a spunky spirit about me. I’m joyful. I love the Lord. I love to dance. But when it comes to the truth of Jesus Christ, there is nothing as fun as knowing the Lord and being in Him. So my blogs tend to be more serious. It’s such a serious matter to me! I lived so many years having fun, but I was dead. I am so done with that! 

So many things in our lives can take over and become more important than the gospel, the good news—the greatest news on earth, the scandalous news of Jesus Christ. These other things can become more important than our relationship with God. Before we know it, we end up in idle relationships, idle chatter, talking about nothing, or we end up idly going through life and letting our busy schedules push us around.
While I am fun and I have my idle moments, I do not live there. I can hardly stand small talk. If I get into a group and it becomes idle or a group where we just talk about problems or nothing all the time, you will slowly start to see me disappear. I do not have enough life left to put my time into things that don’t matter, that don’t have eternal value. Who does? You don’t.
So I can be funny, pull your chain, and entertain you if you want. But you know what? That is plan B, in case the Holy Spirit doesn’t show up. He always shows up when we speak the truth. If I under-teach Jesus or I limit Jesus in what I share on my blog, then people may lose a chance to see His full self. The fullness of Him will be missed. He will be limited in your own life.
There is such a vast well or mine to dig in to find out who Jesus is. We should be doing it in every conversation, at every meal, every time we pick up a fork. Every time we see a friend, we should be like, “Hey, tell me how you are learning about Jesus. Yeah. Sing it. Dance it. Do flips with it. I don’t care. Lets do it. I want to learn from you, too.” We can learn in fun ways. We can worship Him and jump around and hang out together.
When we put Him at the center of every relationship and every group, those roots in the center become firmly planted. It becomes a firm union, unshakable by anything. Whatever is in the center is going to be the thing that roots you together. Do you want to be rooted together based on your problems? Do you want to be rooted together based on shopping? Do you want to be rooted together based on fitness? Or do you want to be rooted together based on Jesus?

I choose Jesus.
Think about your friendships. Think about the circles you are in. See if there are any of them that need to change. What is your authentic position in your friendship circles? 

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