Why Are You Still Fat?

Today were talking about why you are still fat when you are healthy. There are some key things you can do with your healthy diet that will cause the weight to fall off. Some of the things we do in our eating—because we don’t understand—cause us to pack on fat. Let’s start with that.

Number one, you mix carbs and fat at meal time. Your body will use one of two sources for fuel—fat or carbs. It can’t use both. If you eat fat and carbs in the same meal, which is basically the standard American diet, you are going to burn the carbs as fuel and store the fat. Take a look at your diet. What are you eating? If you are having oatmeal with nuts, then that is carbs and fat. You are putting those together, and you are going to burn the oatmeal and store the fat.

Number two, you are eating too much sugary food. We need to look at the glycemic index when we are determining the carbs we are going to eat. Carbs will give you fuel, but if the food is too high in sugar, it will give you fuel that will be stored as fat. It has too much sugar in it. Carbs turn into sugar, and then we burn it as fuel. But if it is too high, it is going to cause you to have too much sugar in your bloodstream, so it will then store as fat. For example, if you are choosing a carb to fuel your body, which one do you think would be better: brown rice or a banana? Ding, ding, ding! You’re right! Brown rice. The banana is high in the glycemic index. It is very high in sugar. It’s all right to have a banana, but you want to have half of a banana so you are not injecting all of that sugar into your bloodstream.

Number three, you are not giving yourself enough time in between meals. Your food is your fuel. Once your body is fueled, then it starts to burn and break down all those nutrients, and it starts to use that food as energy. But if you snack in between, say thirty minutes to an hour after you eat a meal, your body is still working on the first meal, but now it’s got a second meal to contend with. What is going to happen? It doesn’t just add to the fuel or continue to burn. It will actually stop your metabolism from working and start on the next round of food. So, you don’t want to eat so often that your body’s metabolism pauses or stalls out.

Number four, be consistent. If your body is used to eating every three hours and you skip one of those meals and eat every six, your body gets confused. It’s going like, “Where’s my meal? Why aren’t you feeding me?” Then it thinks, “I need to store fat in case you starve me again the next meal. Then I will have fat storage to eat on.” So don’t skip your meals.

Number five. Eat more frequently. Babies are fed every three hours. Why did we stop that? Why do we gorge ourselves three meals a day? We run all the way to empty, and then we gorge ourselves again. You and I both know that when we are at the most hungry point of our day, thats when we are going to collapse and have a candy bar and a soda. So eat every three hours. Do yourself a favor and eat. Have a little bit of protein, a little bit of salad, and if you want, throw in a little bit of carb. But feed yourself. Give yourself fuel so your body doesn’t go into starvation mode.

Six, you are not eating any protein. Protein is a long-burning, filling substance. I used to eat vegetables and carbs every meal. They burn quickly, so I would get excessively hungry. I remember when I was a part of Weight Watchers, I would go in and be like, “Here is all my stuff; I’m eating right,” but I would be starving. Round the clock, I was always hungry. That was because I refused to eat protein. Protein is important. Maybe your blood type requires less protein, but protein is still important. It’s complex, and it’s necessary. It will keep you from starving yourself. 

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