Perspective and Little Annoyances

I don’t know about you, but I can get upset at the dumbest things.
Today, I was driving home from the gym, and I saw an emergency vehicle swashing near my home. Sometimes my husband heads out to the gym after me. For a moment, I just stopped, and I was like, “Lord, I hope he’s not in that accident.”
We are so foolish when the only thing we have in front of our eyes is temporal crap. We are so full of it. We can get so frustrated over the dishes or running water. But yet, in a blink of an eye, our loved one may not be present to run the water or leave dishes in the sink or smack our ear or hug us. We take for granted that they are going to be there tomorrow, the next day, and the next day. We can be so mad over the dumbest things.
For example, with my husband, I get frustrated because he is defensive. If I talk to him about anything, he automatically defends himself instead of pausing and processing what I say and then talking back to me and giving me a logical statement. I can become so frustrated—but then I am not carrying the love of God. I know the minute I see an emergency vehicle and pray to God it’s not him, the defensiveness does not even matter. I clearly love the man.
If I could keep in mind the eternal perspective that life is short—it’s merely a breath—can you imagine how differently I would respond? How I would respond differently today?
I would like to challenge you today to live with this in mind: What if your loved one, your spouse, or your friend were gone tomorrow in a blink? Is there anything you would do differently? Is there any word you have said but would take back? Is there any pet peeve you would stop nitpicking on? Is there any little thing in which you use your words to tear down but would turn around and build the person up instead? Is there someone you would hug more today? Someone you would call and tell them you love them? Don’t hesitate—do it.
The next time you are frustrated about something minute, pause and picture in your mind an ambulance picking them up off the ground, and then see if you want to say something about it.

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