Trying to Reach Perfect


In the past year of dance, I’ve learned that you cannot—I mean cannot—reach perfection. If you knew how many times I have tried, but I only make it 80% of the time.

My dance teacher is the best teacher I’ve ever had. She has taught me so much. She has taught my class to do our best, no matter what. Maybe you’re tired, shut down, sweaty, or hungry. That’s okay. She doesn’t mean for us to push our hardest and then pass out. She says,

“Don’t stop because you have failed a couple of times. 
Keep trying. Don’t quit.”

I’m not saying I’m very good at dance, but this lesson can apply to anything, like trying to make a friend or going to a gymnastics meet. “Don’t stop because you have failed a couple of times. Keep trying. Don’t quit.” This applies to everyday life.

I have a confession for you:

I’ve almost cried about the other 20% of my time in dance. I can’t even squeeze my core for more than two combinations. Hey, if I ever get on pointe, I would be shocked. I don’t plan on it. I’m only eleven, so I’ve got time.

I’m just saying, “perfect” isn’t even a word for human beings. The only person who can use the word “perfect” is Jesus.



KK Grace


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