Grandpa’s Promise


When I was 23 years old, my grandpa told me I could have my grandma ray’s piano someday. He said, “If Harriett will let me, I will personally have it sent to you when you have a place big enough for it.”

I cannot tell you what it meant for my grandpa to even offer the piano. It’s not about the piano itself, it was about the statement he made when he offered it. I hadn’t been a big part of my dad’s family most of my childhood so I never really felt like part of the family. I spent my life feeling rejected and 2nd rate – dead last.

But this day, my grandpa’s words said to me – we love you. We value you. You are an equal and important part of my family! The fact that he would consider giving me such an awesome gift, I couldn’t hardly contain my tears! I pretty sobbed all the way back to Oklahoma that trip. I sobbed tears of acceptance!

I intentionally bought my house with enough room for the piano, but my GMA just couldn’t give it up. So I never got it.

They passed in 1998 & 2002. In 2002, my dad took the piano to his new home and it’s been with him ever since.

The initial joy of my grandpa’s offer had faded. The statement of what it meant was gone…to the point that I wasn’t even sure I wanted it anymore.

But today, 2013 (21 years later) my grandpa’s promise is coming to pass! The heart of my grandpa’s promise has reminded me of how valued I was to him. That kind of acceptance, love & extravagant gift is just a tiny example the restoration God has done in my life!

I sit here teary eyed (and most of you know I’m not a crier!). This old beautiful symbol of acceptance and my restoration is moving into my home.

And I’m thrilled!


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